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Adding an attachment to a link

I know this is supposed to be super simple because I already had it working. But now I went to change the attachment that my hyperlink goes to and it simply won’t link. I click “Choose Attachment”, then select the file that I want… and nothing happens. Instead of populating the file information, it just persists in saying “Choose Attachment”. I’m sure I’m missing something incredibly basic. Any ideas?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Copy of Nathan Chitayat

I think this maybe an issue/bug with Webflow? I have had the same issue today so far.

A work around (not that it should be needed) is to go to your image assets, choose the pdf, hit ‘copy asset link to clipboard’ icon and choose link URL and paste the assets url in the link block.

UPDATE (incase anyone searches for this) this is an issue in Webflow, they are aware and working on it.

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