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Adding a column to have 5 across at 20%?


I need to have 5 equal columns on my homepage where the icons are (see link above). Is there a way to get 5 equal width columns by percentage? I’ve never used grid, is this where it should be used?

Any help appreciated, and thank you,


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @mhyusi,
Did you get the columns working? I couldn’t click on your read only link. If you post it, I can take a look and help.

Still trying to figure this out if you have any advice. Thank you.
Trying to get 5 columns into equal, 20% width, columns. Should I try using Grid? Never done that before.
Thank you,


Ok, I’ll go look now, one sec… oh you mean at the bottom which starts with the “Strategy and Entity Management”? Ok… yeah like @PixelGeek said, use flexbox. Here’s a quick video for the fastest way to do that:

I would strongly suggest not using Columns and start using Flexbox or Grid for this type of layout.

Let me know if you have any questions about this :slight_smile:

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