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Desperate for Grid help


In desperate need of help on a grid issue. I’ve got a client that is looking to offset images on their product pages, and I’m trying to use Grid, but the spacing keeps changing as I change screen size, mobile is all wonky, I’m at a total loss at this point and any help is appreciated.

If you look at the page at 1600px wide, that’s what they are looking for as far as layout.

Again, any help is appreciated, they’re all over me to complete these pages and I’m just lost with Grid. Maybe it’s not the best way to lay it out?

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Thank you for the video, but that doesn’t really help with what I need. If you look at the attached image, I need that layout to stay responsive across the desktop and tablet, then go to single column on the phone layouts. Even on the desktop, as I move the screen sizes, the responsiveness isn’t working. Is Grid the wrong way to go with this?

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