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Colums in on line with specific length?


I have some troubles with the columes and I hope you will understand my problems even with my bad English.

  1. first of all I want FIVE Icons in one row. But I get only Columns in the same size if I use 2,4 or 6 Columns.
    If I use 5 Columns, then one Columns is wider, that means (I do not why) that the Icon in the wider Column get bigger.
    How can I create a 5 cell Column with cells which has all the same width? (74 Pixels would be fine)?

At the moment I use a Column wiht 6 cells. I do not use the sixth cell.

  1. I do not put the five Icons in one Cell becouse the are getting bigger with the fly-over. So I put them all in each Cell for not pushing each other to the side if one grows bigger. But in the Phone View every Icon is in his own row, how can I change that? I want them allways in the same row!

Is there anybody with a idea for this problem?
Here the link to my problem:

Hi @Michael01

Instead of using columns for your situation I’d suggest using Div Blocks and Floats. So drop a Block onto your canvas, give it a class, give it 20% width and make it Float: Left. Now copy paste that Block 5 times. You’ll have 5 columns. You can now drop your icons in there and edit properties so it would look as desired in different media queries (like changing % of width, etc).

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Hi, this works fine, thanks!

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