How to assign External Numpad to Macro Commands in Webflow?

How to assign Macro to Webflow with numpad?

  1. I have an external usb numpad like this: Low-Profile Numeric Keypad

  2. Keypad Layout I wish to Macro
    7 8 9 -
    4 5 6 +
    0 00 ,

  3. Desired functions.
    Row 1 - Right Pane selector:
    7 - Switch to Styles (S)
    8 - Switch to Settings (D)
    9 - Switch to Navigator (F)

    • Switch to Interactions (H)

Row 2 - Left Pane Selector:
4 - Add Element (A)
5 - Pages §
6 - CMS Panel (J)

    • Assets Panel (J)

Row 3 - Device Selector
0 - Desktop
00 - Tablet
,- Mobile Landscape

You’ll need to install a third-party keymapping software on your computer. Some keyboards come with such software, like those for gaming because they have additional function keys. Webflow doesn’t allow you to change keyboard shortcuts.

Thank you Sam.

For anyone else reading this interested in MacroKeys on webflow, set your keymapping as follows

FIRST ‘escape’ key THEN 40ms THEN {action_button_key}

All macro instances must hit ‘escape’ key first for it works to switch to desired panel selectors.

Hi, miekwave, you refer to Macro Keys soft? Thank

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