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Ecommerce : Allow 'Add To Cart' button in a collection list

My particular Use Case is not uncommon I’m sure.

A generic product intro (Kitchen Base Unit)
A Collection list of products SKU’s (B30, B40, B50, B60, B70)
A single Add to Cart Button
An Add to Cart in the Collection List next to the Qty input

I think this would hugely improve the shopping experience and time to order.

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I wote for a button on each collection item, otherwise it’s not dynamic.

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Hi @FactoryCats!

Thanks for sharing thoughts about your experience with Ecommerce. We are actively looking into adding possibility add “Add-to-Cart” to items collection lists, and will start work on this after variants functionality will be shipped. Please, vote on correspondent wishlist item Wishlist is one of the main sources from which it is possible for us to see, what functionality is urgently needed.