Product Feedback Needed - Visual Proofreader

Aloha Webflow Friends,

I’m currently working on an MVP that I recently created and found myself needing to do some more Customer Discovery work.

With that said, if you are currently working in an agency, or larger company, I would love to hear more about your workflow when it comes to proofreading and spell checking visual content.

So what’s the product you might ask?

It’s called - which is a tool that spell and grammar checks visual content (images, pdf’s pics etc.)

Here’s the link to the website
Link to the demo

Feel free to share any feedback you might have down below in the comment section. Or if you are open to a 20min customer discovery call aka me asking you a bunch of random questions then please send me a PM.

Lastly, the frontend was developed all in Webflow backend was custom :upside_down_face: