Add Members in a collection list with Logic

Hello everyone,
I’m testing the Membership Beta by Webflow. So good so far !

There is something I’m trying to do and didn’t find the way yet, I may need your help.
I want to update a collection list with informations of members.

What I’ve tried ::

  • Use the Sign up form as the Logic trigger > doesn’t work because you can’t put Logic on a sign up form.
  • Use a basic form + Send a membership invite when the form is completed + Update a collection list with the informations collected in the form > doesn’t work and can’t find why.
    (image below)

So, this is where I am.
If anyone has a clue, it would be greatly appreciated !
Thank you :pray: :pray:


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Hey Steffi,

First and most importantly, if you store member info in the CMS, and display it on any collection pages, it’s not possible to fully secure that info from others. You can secure the collection page so that it’s restricted to an access group- but everyone in that same access group would be able to see each other’s information.

It’s essential to put security, privacy, and your own liability at the forefront here when considering this.

That said, really the only way right now to access user data is via the API. You can bind Webflow’s webhooks to Logic’s webhooks and then use that to perform certain tasks, including the possibility of storing info in the CMS if you meet those privacy and security requirements.

Here’s how to do that connection;

Hi @steffi :wave:

What you’re asking for it totally doable, but you’ll have to glue it together yourself. There is nothing built-in for this.

As you’ve already discovered, they don’t offer this within Logic. But you can do it.

In another thread of your’s, I created a walk through showing you how to approach setting this up.

Give that a try and see if it works for you.

As of a few months ago, you couldn’t make Webflow API calls from Webflow Logic. They disabled that. I’ve haven’t tested it recently, so maybe you can now.

That said you certainly can do this with a free Make / Integromat account to substitute Logic until it’s supported.

To do this today, you’ll want to submit a native Webflow form into Make / Integromat (screencast).

Then you’ll want to trigger a Webflow Memberships invite to the email address submitted in the form:

…and within that same Make workflow, the next thing you’d do is add whatever info you link into the Webflow CMS.

Hope that helps!