Add hover on all links (new thread)

Hi, I am trying to add hover states for all links ( a ) across the entire site.

Webflow only gives access to the “states” selector when a link has a class. No, going back to “all links” will not work, as the “states” selector vanishes.

Please advise. It seems a bit silly having to give every single text link in the product a class just to get a hover state.

Webflow closed the old thread on this topic without any resolution.

Hey @303, this is possible. Try the following.

  • add a text link (don’t assign a class)
  • select “all links” from the class selector dropdown
  • select “hover” from the states dropdown



If this doesn’t work for you, then let me know.

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Ah thanks! It’s the “all links” hiding at the bottom of the menu, not the “all links” in the “higher selector” menu. Thank you, that solves it.

Always glad to help!