"Add extra field" button for webflow forms

I have a client that needs a form made that can have extra fields added by the user, for example:

the user will fill out a field for their child’s name, but if they have more than one child there will be a “+” button to add extra children

is this possible in webflow or is there a form embed that can perform this?

I think this would only be possible in Webflow using custom code. Not sure about a 3rd party tool, maybe you could look at using conditional logic instead of adding fields and use something like Typeform?

i thought that was going to be the case, thanks!

I know it’s a year-old thread however I need to do the same thing, I’m very new at Webflow so I don’t know how to use the custom code. Is this achievable within Webflow or do I have to use a third party tool like Jotform?

I think this has been solved here