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Dynamically Added Form Fields

Hello !

I recently came across a simple form which allowed users to add a specified number of input fields (as needed). To my knowledge there’s no way to natively do this with webflow forms , could anyone guide me on how I can build / code one?

My idea is that it would be some onClick event on an icon or something to create the input fields but I don’t know specifically how to go about it. A Javascript / JQuery library solution is welcome as well !

Here’s a screenshot of what I mean

Hi @boafo

Did you mange to complete this in Webflow at all?

I’m looking to do something similar at the moment.

Many thanks

Hey @Darius_Safavi

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to implement it yet but I will let you know if that changes!

If you figure out a solution before I do, please send it my way as well - I’d really appreciate that