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Dynamically add form fields


I’m creating a form at the moment where I am requesting the following details from my website users for X number of individuals, where X is exactly determined by the website user themsevles:

-email address
-full name

I was wanting to originally only show “1 set” of the 2 fields and then have another “set” automatically add itself/appear every time one has been completed. That way, the user can enter as many individuals details as they like, and my website only shows however many fields are needed.

Is this kind of dynamic action possible with webflow?


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Yeah that’s definitely possible with some custom code.

Here’s a quick demo I made to show how you could go about achieving this.

Read Only Link

Check out the custom code to see how it works. Not a production ready example but hopefully that at least gets you started. Good luck!