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Add #disqus tag to CMS generated links

Hello there most awesome people of the most awesome website builder thingy community ever period,

First of all, first post so YAY, I just want to say real quick how much I enjoy using webflow. I have made some websites like 15 years ago before I started a career in system administration and because that didn’t have much creativity in it I quit and now I’m back in the webdesign business. I still have a lot of catching up to do but man o man does webflow make life easy, it’s amazing! Now I’m drilling myself into becoming a (web)designer and reading books about it, doing tutorials, following drawing courses etc etc. I am SO happy I don’t have to code anything anymore and all the features you can dream of are just drag and drop and POOF it’s there. Simply amazing.

I decided I wanted to start blogging about my venture into wonderful creative world of (web)design and so I pulled a template out of the store (Escape template, GREAT work @Mat) and started building, within a few hours I had a completely functional blog WITH COMMENT SECTION OMG!! Now here is where my question to you comes in:

I’ve succesfully added the Disqus comment section but I’m a bit lost on how to dynamically add a link to the comment section with the #disqus_thread tag appended to it.

As you can see on (please don’t laugh at the design im still a noob :P, any tips are greatly appreciated!) the counter is already working, but this is because I ‘hard-coded’ it in. What I need is the ability to add a dynamic link, and add the #disqus_thread behind it. Is this possible?

I hope to hear from you and again, great job on Webflow and the comunity is also awesome :smiley:

Yours truly,


Hmm never mind this question, I think I already figured it out. I added the #disqus_thread tag to the embedded disqus element.


Then in the top i made an inpage link to #disqus_thread. Seems to be working!


What a couple cups of coffee won’t achieve :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi @MarijnWijb, thanks for sharing! Glad to hear you are enjoying Webflow. I enjoy using Webflow too :wink:

Hi @MarijnWijb, thanks for sharing, I’m trying to put comment counts on my website now…

I understand how you did that in-page linking, but how did you get the count to show up in the 1st place? I’m on the Disqus help page now but I’m a bit lost.

Do I look at Counts for non link elements?

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Ah ok, never mind, I got it to work

Thanks for that, next thing is to display comment counts on the blog post links

Hi @julienoora,

Let me know if you need any help with that. I was thinking about adding the same feature but haven’t got the time to work it out. Also let me (and in the process, the community) know how you managed to do it :slight_smile:

Cheers and good luck!

Thanks for the Disqus info. @MarijnWijb @julienoora did you figure out how to input the counts into the blog summary page or main blog page??

Unfortunately not yet, I’m sure its possible though. I’m still trying to redo how I implemented the comment count on the actual blog post page. I can’t seem to get it working on another template page.

@julienoora give the disqus embed an id. And then do a text link and make the link a “section in this page” and point it to whatever your disqus ID is. exactly as @MarijnWijb has in the picture above. then make sure you have

id=“dsq-count-scr” src="//" async placed in the footer code. I just did it last night so it is fresh on the brain. Make sure to put the script tags on the script wouldn’t let me copy it in here.