Comments from readers on CMS or clever workaround?

Any plans for comments hosting/moderation in the new CMS?

And in the meantime, any clever workarounds that could allow people to comment or start a conversation on a blog post?

use Disqus.

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Hey @Elizabeth_Crouch you can setup a disqus widget and just add html embed to the blog post dynamic template page where you want users to comment. And it creates a new thread for each blog post :wink: Works AWESOMELY well. :smiley:



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Thanks for the recommendation! How do you set the configuration variables (URL and identifier)? (I can’t figure out a way to do dynamic content in custom code in Webflow).

Hi, So Disqus suggest to use “Configuration Variables to Avoid Split Threads” do I need to do all that or can I just place the embed code in the dynamic template page?

Thanks for the suggestion, have you had a play with Facebook comments? And Webflow?