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An idea: Copy classes

Brilliant idea:
ctrl + shif + c: copy all classes of the selected item
ctrl + shift + v: paste all classes on top.
ctrl + alt + v: adds to the already existing classes.

Genius or not? :stuck_out_tongue:


Have been thinking about this…webflow is already so good am fooled to think this feature is already available… @thesergie what do you think?

I think this idea is good only in texts, in normal divs you can simply copy a div … :frowning:

not so bright the idea, haha, but I think the webflow could grow in terms of hotkeys

this is brilliant…

Haha I love how you started with “Brilliant idea:”. I have a question for you… when do you find yourself needing to copy and paste classes? Is it when you have a whole bunch of elements in a row and you style the first one but then want to apply it to the other ones without having to type the class info?

Just trying to think if multi-select would be a good solution for your specific situation, but I don’t know your situation yet. @MartinB and @dannesh can you guys chime in too? Thanks!

I am a designer, not a coder. I understand CSS classes and cascading but am not familiar with any coding techniques. I got up to speed creating my own websites with webflow pretty quick. I really like it.

But in the process I ran into quite some situations that I wanted to recreate a class without using that same class name again. Or just copy font style and use that for another class. Or recreate a heavily nested class into a new one.

It might be a designers habit wanting to copy styles. I don’t know. But it I miss it.


So Martin it sounds like you want to copy the style properties of a class to another class. I’ve been wanting that too! We have plans to improve out style manager which will allow for this kind of flexibility you’re talking about.


@thesergie, My idea came when I had several titles (with different text) and wanted to apply several classes like: .green .bold .center, etc…

I usually work that way, in very large sites I separate the property into classes as if they were variables.

But thinking deeper, I think it is more personal.

I want to be able to copy and paste Styles too. Thanks

Any update on this? Fingers crossed!

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We don’t have this feature quite yet. We’re working on some other big things, so thanks for your patience!


Bump. This would be incredibly useful for me as I’m working on complex animations. Frustrating to have to do this so manually when it would be easy with code. Unfortunately parent class solution doesn’t work for me because it seems that interactions can’t affect child classes.

I literally just ran into a need for this. Hoping it’s there and I just don’t know the magic key-combo to activate it :slight_smile:

I dream of this feature whenever I close my eyes :kissing_closed_eyes: