Downloadable form button


I am trying to have a button clickable to download a PDF form, how can I do this? It seems as though I am only able to have it link to another page, area on a page, phone number, or an email. Help?


Hi - I’ve been looking into this as well. You can link a button to an external URL (first icon on left in the Link Settings dialogue box). Save your PDF in Dropbox and copy and paste the public link into the URL field on ‘Link Settings’. This will take you to the file in Dropbox, however, you can force it to download directly to a computer by changing the end of the link from ‘…dl=0’ to ‘…dl=1’. The only think is that it’s not all that obvious that the file has downloaded - I’m looking in ways to get the file to open on click now.

This is what I am currently doing, however the PDF’s don’t keep their editing capability when used this way… Hmmmm!

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