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Account plan - lite - can I cancel after a month?

Hi, can I cancel Lite plan (account one), after a month (so Im gonna pay just 24$, once) without binding myself to a yearly agreement? Billing monthly or annually isnt 100% clear for me, because I dont know if an agreement is in both options for a year, and just billing cycle different, or also “contract period” is different for both. Now I’m doing my first steps using a free account, and I think I like it, so I would like to try lite plan - but I’m not sure if this is not too advanced tool for me. Thank you in advance!

Quoting from the pricing page FAQ:

Your site plans automatically renew at the end of each billing cycle, but you can stop them from renewing by cancelling at any time. You will still pay the remainder of the term for the plan you signed up for.

Means if you go for the monthly billing, you are free to cancel it for the next month and won’t be charged. Paying yearly and cancel after one month won’t get you any refunds, since you payed for a year ahead.

Hope that helps.

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Perfect, thank you very much Chris!