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Tutorials: Are there any step-by-step tutorials to guide a beginner through the basic steps of constructing a website?

~1 Year after OP and having watched several “tutorials” I am still looking for a simple “click by click” tutorial on how to get started from the “Blank Site” template.

So -
Learn page does not have a Getting Started Tutorial
Learn web design with free video courses and tutorials | Webflow University

Ultimate web design course covers all interface elements, but not a click by click tutorial form a bland site

Ultimate web design course | Webflow University
Does not start with a click by click tutorial.

Amazingly Webflow 101 crash course is described as

Jump right in to Webflow — building your first website, without learning or writing code.

Does not guide me how to start building my first site from blank site

Webflow 101 crash course | Webflow University

I am guessing (and hoping) what I am looking for is somewhere in the above courses or somewhere on the site, but it is certainly hard work finding it.

While I wait for some person to open my eyes to what I have missed I will keep looking.

I am sure all the sections covering all the elements and controls available will be really useful when I am trying to implement something on a site I will build in the future but they are not a lot of help when starting from a Blank Site