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Ability to use Video Sources in Video Widget from any host url

Why can’t dropbox hosted .mov’s be used in the video player?
I’ve found a million different ways (on this forum from various users) to restructure the url path none of which work inside the url input field. Is there something I’m missing? Is the embed widget limited to only hosted services? I’d rather host my own videos on dropbox.

Hi @Marky_Coulstring, thanks for the good question. The built in widget uses, so any provider they support should work:

It’s no problem to use Dropbox to host your videos, but the setup is a manual process using an embed widget on the page and some html5 video player code.

Take a peek at this article: [Tutorial] Responsive Video using HTML Embed

I hope this helps!

@cyberdave Thanks! It sure would be nice to be able to borrow all of the css properties from the responsive video embed widget through a class but, I get it there’s more flexibility in the html embed widget…

Hi @Marky_Coulstring!

I tell you what, I can’t tell when it will come, but I will work and be a advocate for support for any hosted url into the video widget :slight_smile:

Let’s make this a wish list, I think there are others who would find this capability handy.

Keep tuned!


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