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Sorting and Conditional Visibility on Multi-Reference Fields


I have a multi-reference field on one of my collections, but when I put it on the page template is there a good way to sort or to do conditional visibility on this list?

For example for a particular product I have 8 other products tagged in the multi-reference field, and I want to display it twice on the page (both with different conditionals for visibility and both with a particular sorting).

I know one option would be to just create multiple multi-reference fields but I’ve run out of fields I can add to the collection so can only get away with this one :frowning: and what about sorting?



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I really need Conditional Visibility based on Multi-Reference fields in Template Pages myself, @andrewrubio. Any update, @thesergie? Referencing this post as well: Ability to use Reference and Multi-reference fields in conditional visibility

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