Ability to Use More Than 3 References in a Collection

3 references only? Really? :frowning:
I stumbled across this issue right now… Hopefully it will be extended in the future…

I want to select from the image set of enumerated type. It is not a selection of text.
So the Option Field can not be realized.

When my case as an example …


  • -Name
  • -Icon


  • -Name
  • -Rank (Refer one Rank)


  • -Name
  • -Leader (Refer one Member)
  • -Members (Refer multi Member)

That is the schema.
Also bind the team list, not worn follow up Rank.Icon.

Reluctantly, only to copy the same image by adding a Member.RankIcon.

There is also the other, in my spear want concept, I want to bind to element from reference of 5 hierarchy.

I would like to ask this corresponds to the development team. Please your help.

With the inability to list my MULTI REFERENCE in a page, I either end up maxing out on REFERENCES for a collection or max out on total allowable FIELDS for a collection.

If I could access my multi reference as a list - and link to it’s fields. That would ideal. Or ability to nest datalists would work.

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Hi Webflow, The max number of references is now 5, but it’s still very low. It kinda works for a small blog, but to build a bigger site with today’s standard (which requires nice design but also handling data) it’s not enough. Any chances this limit is going to be bumped up again soon? you can easily double that, or more…

@PasolInteractive thanks for the feedback. We also run into the limitation internally when we build our our internal pages. So we want to increase the limit but we have to make sure it doesn’t affect performance. Thanks for your patience as we figure it out :slight_smile:

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The inability to access a multi-reference with a list is HUGE. I am dealing with this when trying to list all the categories used by a blog post on the post template page. So, while a post can be tagged to several categories, there is no way to show that. This is basic blog functionality in my experience. Am I missing another way to do this?

Here is what I am trying to achieve in the title are of my blog post template.

Blog Post Title

Publish Date | Author Name
Category 1, Category 2, Category 3

Blog post content…


Thanks for the prompt reply @thesergie. I truly believe improving the data capabilities of Webflow is going to be critical for your product (which is awesome btw). I’m looking forward on your next updates on that! And please don’t increase the cost as you you make those updates :wink:

Just wanted to add to that (even though there might be another topic for this): allowing to use / integrating external DataBases (e.g. Firebase…) could be an easy workaround and open many more possibilities.

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