Ability to Use More Than 3 References in a Collection

Agree here. The limit of 3 references in a collection should be lifted. If you want to create a pretty detailed portfolio, it’s kind of hard with a limit of 3. :smile:


What collections are you trying to create for your portfolio?


Well, look at the screenshot below. I have planned to have collections for:

Project type (seen in the “post” header above the timestamp) : Print and/or Digital
Project Services (titled “Arbeten”): Logotype, Identity, Website etc
Project Category (titled “Kategorier”): Wellness, Sports, Theatre, Music etc
Project Tools (titled “Tools”): Photoshop, Illustrator, Webflow etc

Some collections are present as dynamic content and one collection are not binded yet (“Kategorier”) due to the limitation of 3 collections.

As far as I know, this requires separate collections…or is there a clever way to “split/combine” a collection showing only a few specified?

Here’s a screenshot of my Project Template page for each project:

For your specific use case I don’t think a lot of these values need their own pages - like the Kategorier and Tools. We’ll be releasing a new field soon where you can create a list of items you can choose from (like a dropdown) for these kinds of things.


That’s cool! So basically what you mean by that Dropdown function is that I can put, let say, Kategorier and Tools in the came collection and then do a “split” via the Dropdown to have show only Tools in one Dynamic List and Kategorier in the other Dynamic list?

I’m also creating a portfolio for a client with some references, I need 4 in this case;

1 Related Blog Post (To link to related blog post)
2 Team members involved (To show members involved)
3 Services used (Example; Email marketing, Landingpage)
4 Portfolio main category (Example; Webdesing)

So this is a fairly simple setup, but still I can’t use more than 3 references, which is too bad! That means I would have to make the Main category a simple text field I"m afraid…

I am also looking for more than three reference fields.

My use case: Each author page in my Profile Collection has various sets of tags associated with it, e.g. skills, work experience, locations, interests etc. Each of those tags then has it’s own page showing all authors tagged with that attribute. Right now I am having to group a few of these tags together but I would like the different tag categories to have different colours across the site therefore they need to be different multi-reference fields on the CMS.

Does that make sense?

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Just another example;

for my personal portfolio, if I were to transform it, similar to the way it is now (alanborger.com), using the CMS, I’d need the following collections; architecture & urbanism (2 pages same layout); ux | ui; graphic; furniture; and also, photography; visual arts; multimedia… so total, 7 different collections / template pages…

Is that something we can expect at some point? Anytime soon?

Thanks again guys, Webflow rocks! :guitar:

We hear you loud and clear guys! We’re working on a special field that gives you predefined options for that collection.


When will this dropdown thing be available? and How many items can we add to this dropdown list?
For sure we will be able to create dynamic lists filtered by one of the items on the dropdown too. Hope we see this feature real soon. It will help with my recipes’ website. Cause I have so many references in one collection and some don’t need dynamic pages.

Totally! We’re getting really close!


I would like to be able to tag content with multiple types of categories (e.g. current location, previous location, etc etc). The webflow CMS will only let me add 3 reference fields to a user profile, but I need to be able to add a few more than that. Is there a way around this? Is this feature coming?


2nd here… was getting right into this awesome feature until this road block…

I need this also to finish my project with a special movie database.
Another solution could be a separate data collection to cross reference other collections.

This is not working for now, cause you can not access the cross referenced collections “datas”. :frowning:
More on this: Many to Many Relationship? - #3 by Shotster - CMS - Forum | Webflow

webflow has the potential to be a awesome made pioneer in webdesign and creating webpages. but there are still some very important features missing => e.g. every big database needs advanced search functionalities otherwise it gets useless with to many datasets stored.

go for it Webflow Team :+1:
i :pray: for more features!

Hey everyone, @jeff just pushed a new feature that helps alleviate this a bit for simple dropdown values:


Still need more than 3 references… Retyping a hundred options is not fun and not to mention the option field has a limit of 16 entries only. Just one more reference, just one more is all I need…

Plus 1 on needing more than 3 references… I understand that it could cause a performance hit, but it is severely limiting!

Post Collection Needs:

  • brand (parent)
  • store (location)
  • activity (multi-reference)
    *area (neighborhood)
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Curious when the limit of three collections will be lifted.

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need > 3 collections as well

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More than 3 references would be great … !!!

Is there a chance that the no. of references will be increased in the near future?