Ability to switch from one template (theme) to another

Personally if i would do it it would take me around 5 hours if i follow this process:

Make a folder with 2 subfolders > Images & Text then download all the images from the assets panel and put them in the images folder then copy all the text from the website and put it into word then save that to the text folder.

(Should take around 30mins)

Then make a new website select the new template import all the images into the asset manager then copy all the text and add in the appropriate place.

(Should take around 45 minutes)

Then i would copy over the styles

(Should take around 2 hours and 30 minutes)

Then add custom code if any :smile:

(Should take 15 mins)

Test website and make it responsive

(1 Hour)


I see what you are saying but I don’t think these are realistic time scales considering that I will need to reposition text and images. Anyway, talking to webflow support they said they may have an import export function in the future which would help resolve this.

Webflow development is slow and the promises are massive… promises of an API and plugins which are appearing to in fact be basic partnerships with platforms like Zapier (NO that does not make webflow an API!)

They made a great drag and drop platform with only a team of four and, yes, it is not WordPress. What it is though is simply a prototyping tool that greatly favors the design process FOR PROTOTYPING but that’s where it ends, from there its spend spend to try make use of dynamic embeds and get back tons of limitations and compromises.

My annual spend on Webflow per year is sitting at roughly (10 000ZAR = 740$) and i can never use it practically on clients projects i continually have to make compromises on projects, I then also have to sign an additional host to run mail server because Webflows CMS Hosting and payment system is totally gated.

It is BS and most certainly a WTF? situation. From now on its Vlad Gates as far i’m concerned.

Webflow is headed entirely in the wrong direction with this product and everyone is excited for these big updates next year but i’m not so convinced they are legitimate (how much can a team of four really do?). Its simple- give your audience what they want and what they need. Don’t do anything else but provide value for the customers that are spending on your product.

The wish list will only ever grow and those very important pieces of feedback will remain ignored and spun until a competitor steps up to the plate and takes the market space. Its that simple.