Ability to clear/reset styles at a given viewport

The blue indicators are very helpful for seeing when styles have been applied, especially if the style has changed on the Tablet, Mobile Landscape, and Mobile Portrait modes.

There are times I’d like to start from scratch on the Tablet settings, especially after toying around with a 50-step idea that didn’t work, or if a client wants to take a mobile site in a completely different direction.

Is there a way to wipe out ALL the styles from Tablet or any of the other modes, simply restoring them to the default inherited values?

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There is no clear feature like you described.

I’ve found myself needing it more than once so with your permission i’ll rephrase the title of your post a bit and pass it to the WhishList forum category.

Edit: I added “inherited” properties to the party because sometimes I really want to clear things :smile:

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