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I'm lost! How do I clear all sorts of odd styles in various breakpoint sizes?

I have a button formatted for various breakpoints (fonts size, padding, background color, etc.).
I’ve mucked around a bunch and finally have what I like, BUT . . .
The other breakpoints are now ALL WRONG! They have legacy junk in them!

How do I clear those crazy styles?

I hate to say it, but after searching the web and trying this and that, the documentation is so scattered and so expecting of me to understand ‘blue highlighted’ or ‘style manager’ that I am hopelessly lost. Plus, with all of the various UI changes over time in WF, it is a scramble in my brain.

So, as of February 22, 2021: How do I clear the legacy mucked-up styles from smaller breakpoint styles?

BTW: A video would be VERY helpful.
: -)

Thank you!

If the label is blue, it means there’s a rule defined for the property.
→ Alt-click the blue label to zero it.

If the label is orange, there’s a rule defined for the property, but most likely for another selector (a part of its combo class) or for another breakpoint.
→ Enter the desired value to zero it, or select the appropriate selector, or go to the appropriate breakpoint.


V I N C E N T !
Thank you!
I was able to clean up my mess.