How to remove all formatting for one device?


somehow I’ve completely messed up my mobile view, and need to start over. but, there’s who knows how many edits on who knows how many div classes.

is there any way to “reset” a mobile view, and clear everything out? really desperate to do this. help!

I don’t think it is. BUT you can go back on the backups that is taken automatically. You find them in Site Settings.
I always try and do a manually backup before I do some big changes. CMD + SHIFT + S

I not, you just have to go into every class on mobile and see what Layout changes that is in a blue color. The orange is inferred and comes from landscape, pad or screen. So you just have to concentrate on the blue data.
Hold ALT and press the blue data to reset it.

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thanks for chiming in. unfortunately, what I have was applied months ago in another project, that was duplicated. I have no idea at what point edits failed for the mobile, probably weeks ago.

wow, can’t believe it’s not possible. just another dumfounding UX mystery regarding Webflow.

but, WOW - manual backup, I didn’t know was possible – I was thinking I needed exactly that on numerous occasions. that is REALLY great to learn. how did you figure that out? is there a shortcuts list somewhere? really wish they had a manual for this. didn’t know about the alt shortcut, either. so, thanks for that!

No problem.

If your site is not HUGE, with a new class name on everything on every page, it shouldn’t take long to do it manually. :slight_smile:

Heres the shortcuts

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