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A Video Agency/Showreel Template

Hi All

A little something I put together off the back of @Amath_Mbaye’s forum post regarding a layout based around the Bunker Agency site (

Here’s the live site:
& Here’s the webflow page for cloning etc:

Hope you guys enjoy. I managed to mimic the layout & functionality solely using webflow interactions, so no external scripts etc etc…though I did have to create a whole seperate structure to fully capture the mobile site! Special thanks to @vlogic for suggesting this as a solution.

Its just a framework at present, so you’d need to create some additional pages and the like if you want to use it. It’s available for cloning though, so if you create something based off the template i’d love to see it :smile:

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Aaah here it is finished, bravo (: And that’s cool to allow the cloning too!

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Awesome work on this Evan! That was super quick! Can’t wait for the weekend to get to play with this. Thanks so much for sharing it.

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We’re working on our company website that also plays video in popups. As it was too difficult to deal with Youtube APi, we did it with Vimeo. So basically each link hs the url of one video and a scrit connects to the api, to automatically place it in the popup. The script also manage to stop the video when you close the popup.

I’ll do a post with the code asap.


LOVE this, it’s really great, I am gonna use this for a friend of mine who directs short movies, could also be used as a really god band page or just a portfolio.

Thanks folks - hope it comes in useful for your future projects :smile:

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