A Records IP changed

so i currently have a Problem with the A Records on rh-gmbh.de.

I set up the A Records and everything worked fine. Somehow now the IPs changed on the Hosting Tab in Webflow. I did a screenshot of the IPs when i first set up the DNS Records.

Main problem is i don’t have access to edit the DNS Records anymore but their now linked to the old IPs from Webflow as seen in the Attached Image.

Is their a way to use the current A Records that are Configured?

Hope anybody has a Idea

Best wishes
Philipp from Bornsunday.com

Webflow has added new IP addresses for increased functionality. The old ones will continue to work. New sites should use the new addresses. Old ones can update or stay the same for now. There are plenty of topics regarding this if you search the forums.

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