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Custom map with property listings

Hey guys, so we are currently working with a client that is requesting a custom map with the ability to have their properties listed on it.

Essentially the idea would be to have a CMS collection with all their properties, and have the ability to show them on a stylized map, while allowing them to navigate with a list on the right, something similar to whats on home page, the map/properties on the bottom.

That’s possible with lots of custom code. Here’s an example of one I’ve done, and another (with items/pins listing able to be edited via the CMS)

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This wouldn’t work with the CMS- you would need to upload your locations separately on their dashboard but you could use storepoint’s store locator map for this as I’ve done before for some real estate listings.

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Hey mate, where could we reference this code? or get help to create something similar ? Its really important we figure out how to do this.