A little help with Iframe embedding (background video)

Hey guys, so I have a video hosted on Cloudinary, but their embed isn’t ideal since I don’t know how to control it, I tinkered with the code a bit but without much luck.

I would like to put it in a Div as a background video that I can round the corners off and make it somewhat responsive. If rounding off is not possible that’s okay, I would at least like to have it not interfere with the page elements.

Does anyone know what I can do in the code in order to achieve this

My read only link is: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/arcanium-co?utm_medium=preview_link&utm_source=designer&utm_content=arcanium-co&preview=dc1da62300a180595c30a2e21e54ee72&mode=preview

Not sure what’s going on here… you’ve got the video background and the video as an html

You can put the video in a div and give that a max width of 50vw, for example.

Oh I’m sorry I didnt know changes to the project are without publishing are shown.

I just want it to behave like the BG Video element that webflow has.

I just used this on the Embed element and them put it in a Div, but as you can see the div does not change the size of the embed.

Try to put your embed-html into the div. Set div overflow=hidden and set fix width and height (e.g.width=648, height=365).
For embed-html set display=flex, align=center, justify=center.
And in the html-code (not in webflow settings) set width=“100%”.