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A few things I noticed

OK so maybe some of these are not bugs but here are a few things I ran into with now days google push for mobile website.

  1. The tabs widget should lazy load the rest of the tabs. By default. I got around this but if you show a portfolio all the images will end up loading at page load. Causing the website to look large.

  2. Images. Webflow has an amazing image upload feature. When uploading an image it will resize the file for the best jpeg compression in about 4 sizes. However it still uses the largest file as default.
    I loaded the website on a phone and instead of loading the smaller images it still loaded the largest one.
    Lets say that I load a 1.4mb png image. The site will create a 500pxl , 800pxl etc. sizes. the 500pxl is the best even for a large screen. I wish that was set to default. Instead the website will do this.

    img src=“0295.png” width=“450” alt=“flyer data quarry software company”
    srcset=“0295-p-500.jpeg 500w,
    0295-p-1080.jpeg 1080w,
    0295-p-1600.jpeg 1600w,
    0295-p-2000.jpeg 2000w,
    0295-p-2600.jpeg 2600w,
    0295-p-3200.jpeg 3200w,
    0295.JPG 4032w” sizes="(max-width: 767px) 90vw, (max-width: 991px) 199.328125px,
    269.984375px" class=“portshadow”

As you can see the image will never be bigger than 450px so it should use the 500w, however instead it sues the original file that is 1.4mb png. I am not even sure y it uses the original, since even the 3200w is more optimized at 750k jpeg.

  1. There should be an option to load two different website for mobile or laptop, hiding an element will still load it but not show it. This is still noticed by google as they tend to penalize seo because of this. Just a think I wish was an option.

Hi @virgiltu

I’ve changed this topic category from bugs as it’s more feedback for the team so you will get a better response from the right people. :slightly_smiling_face:

With images, it’s always good to optimise as much as you can, ImageOptim on Mac is incredible and fast and too.

If there are specific features you would like to see in Webflow, the Wishlist is a good way to show the team and if it’s popular with other users, then it can be voted on. :metal:

I initially thought the option of having different images for mobile and desktop would be good, but then optimising the images with imageoptim (Mac only) removed that issue for me.

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