Image Optimization (Page Loading Speed)

My Images espacially on mobile are loading extremely poorly, even though not a single Image is larger than 1mb.

What do you guys use to optimize Images and Page Loading Speed?

Depends on the type of image and subject really. I could be more specific if you shared a link to a published URL.

@rohopp use an image minification tool wherever you can, there are many free tools to minify jpgs and pngs. Use svgs where you can and minify them as well.

In my experience the largest difference is making sure you don’t make images larger than you really need them. Webflow creates multiple versions of each image to help with this issue, but the first step you should take is to make sure you correctly size and minify images before even uploading them. If an image doesn’t need to be over 600px wide don’t upload a 1200px version to Webflow.

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