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A crucial missing feature of the new style panel

Trying out the new style panel. They keep messing with the size fields.

First, they removed the arrows to allow going up and down in size with a click. I said nothing. Then they removed the ability to click and drag up and down to resize. I said nothing.

However, now they’ve gone TOO FAR. Let me explain:

In the old style panel, you could click a size field and press the up or down arrow keys on your keyboard and it would tell you the exact size of the element. This was very useful for a number of reason, I don’t think I need to explain. Now if you do the same thing, it resizes it down to 1.

Not sure if this was a conscious decision to change this feature (if so, what the heckin frig my dudes?) or just overlooking something. Either way, could we please get it back?

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