90° Rotated text. 3 text blocks in 1 div rotated

I have a div with 3 text blocks in it. I’m unable to rotate the div 90° and have that div center vertically and align to the right.

In the div I want the left text to align left, the center text to be centered and the 3rd text block to align right. The div expands past the viewport here and I’m also unsure why that’s happening.

I’m adding a visual design of what I’m trying to do. I’ve spent 3 hours trying to do what seems like it should be fairly basic. Is this a bug, user error, or a complicated thing to achieve? Or yes?

Can anyone help please?

Here is my site Read-Only: ** Webflow - ▵ rotate tex ▽ **

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@webflow is this posted in the wrong forum? Please point me in the right direction if you can. Thank you!