Rotating Div and text 90º and align

Hi All

I’m trying to rotate a div block which has a div 1px line and a text element within it 90º and have it flushed left within my container I have some heading copy thats supposed to sit about it. However I can only seem to get half way. I cannot have it flushed left and it keeps overlapping my header copy. Can anyone help?

Thank you very much. Link to my project. The page is Home 2

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Try using absolute numbers instead of the relative percentage in your position.

Hi @avivtech

Thanks foir your reply. Do you mean, that I should make the DIV absolute and relative to its container then use its position parameters to make the adjustments?


Hi again, I wish I could say I understand your thinking to your reply but I don’t quite get it right now. I have tried to solve it on my latest version. But unsure if it’s correct.

Your link is broken. Please check it so we can help you.