504 Gateway Timeouts

Since the maintenance today, our Webflow hosted website is getting these 504 Gateway Timeouts. It doesn’t seem to be happening on our webflow.io sub-domain, just on custom domains.


It’s very intermittent, sometimes pages taking 30 seconds to load.

Is there something up?

We have a monitoring tool that shows latency on average went up significantly starting from 4:30pm UK-time today.


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Just to add, I tried to access the Webflow contact page (Webflow Customer Support | Webflow University) and received this error, so it may be more widespread


I am having the exact same issue, what surprises me is that no more people is talking about this.


This is really bad, our custom domain hosted site is barely loading and it’s been nearly 16 hours. It has something to do with a specific CDN route, that’s probably why no one at Webflow has twigged it’s happening. It’s probably only affecting UK customers, or a subset of them.

Even this forum fails to load at times:


Might be a coincidence, but my gut feeling is the update they did yesterday during their maintenance has broken something and they’ve not noticed :frowning:

We’re based in Germany and it’s happening to our website too. Have you been able to reach anyone at Webflow or found another solution?

I sent a support request 7 hours ago, but I’ve not heard anything yet.

The Webflow status page shows no issues, I don’t think they’re aware of it still.

I tried a global check using one of our tools, and it shows latency in EU and Canada, but USA and other countries seem fine. The image shows the number of seconds it took to load our homepage.

Yep, same thing here (in Croatia). As of yesterday, we keep getting timed-out errors, and it is getting worse. Hopefully, Webflow will get on it ASAP.

Same issue happening on our site. Our Pingdom alerts reported several downtimes after the maintenance.

Same here, my clients are flipping out

Same issue here (Belgium)

Status has been updated that acknowledges the issue, so hopefully they’ll resolve it soon :crossed_fingers:

We are experiencing this issue again today starting 17:27 UTC. We are based in Germany.

We’re having the same issue currently. Was this ever resolved?

Got the same issue today. Based in Germany too. I read in another post that Webflow has already changed something in the server configuration. Is there any news about the error? My customer’s website is currently unavailable…

Got the same issue now on my website, we are based in the Czech Republic.

I’m having the same issue here in Vienna, Austria as well - either extremely slow load times or a 504 error message…

Getting the same situation from Spain! Also, getting the error fromhttps://support.webflow.com/, so I am not able to send a ticket :sweat_smile:

We are experiencing 504 timeouts since 25th of January 2024. I guess the issue resurfaced again.

About 5% of our webflow traffic timeout.

Our team is global, I have been able to spot this issue in Egypt. While we have records from our NGINX server that is based in Netherlands.

Same from the UK.
Please, advise asap.

Well if you are self-hosting or using a reverse proxy then that would really be on you would it not?