504 error only on website with connected domain

Hello everyone

Since this morning, our website is down (HTTP ERROR 504), but only the one with the connected domain. The webflow.io version works fine.

The domain is not expired and DNS records haven’t been modified since launching the site.

Anyone having the same issue? What can we do to fix this?

Same here since this morning. Have you been able to solve it ?

Hey @Ivan_grwth and @kilianp!

This is not ideal at all! but it could be a local issue.
Have you tried loading your website on a different internet connection?

What are the domains that are showing the 504 error?

Hi, our website is down due to a 504 error. After reading the forum here I don’t seem to be the only one and it happens again and again to webflow clients.

@Webflow staff please look into this ASAP!

Hey @Martina_Englbrecht,

Sorry you’re having issues with your website not load.

For urgent issues like this it is best to contact support directly: https://support.webflow.com/
We’ve got a global team who can help with urgent issues like this.


So this is what happened in the end. We use Weglot in order to have a multilingual website.
For the german version of the website to work on a subdirectory, a different CNAME record from the one Webflow instructs you to use had to be added to our DNS records.

CNAME with a value of websites.weglot.com

For that reason, traffic was directed to Weglot to return the site - as opposed to Webflow’s hosting servers.

So what happened was that Webflow changed its IP, which triggered the error.

After contacting weglot this is was their feedback:

Regarding the 504 error related to the subdirectory integration, Weglot had configured your website with a Webflow IP, but Webflow has meanwhile changed its IP and that is certainly why the site was offline. To fix the problem, instead of configuring a fixed IP, our dev team now adds proxy-ssl.webflow.com which will always be good.

Hope this info helps some of you when dealing with similar issues.

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