404 error custom domain

Hello! I published our new site today, and I am continuing to see a 404 error on the published site: 1988.consulting - yet on the webflow site - there are no errors. I did the automatic sync option when I added the domain, etc. so I am not sure why this error is happening and it’s not being redirected anywhere.

I can’t find the error in the DNS settings (see screenshots), not sure where there’s an error.

Is anyone else having this issue or has anyone been able to solve this recently? Here’s the public link: Webflow - Eighty Eight

You seem to have a bunch of additional A records setup under www, which will likely create problems for you. Unless you’re using something like weglot perhaps.

Have you published your site?

yes, in the past - i figured it out. there was a duplicate old account with the domain still attached (facepalm).

thank you for your help!