404 Error - Coming Up for Published Page

We are receiving a 404 Error page for a published page within our site. This is happening to pages that have been ‘live’ for months now, so we’re not fully understanding why all of the sudden we’re receiving this error. We have triple checked the URLs for these pages, selected the switch that makes the page ‘live’ and have continued to ‘republish’ the page. Still receiving this error. Any insight on things to try would be awesome!

If you could provide the read-only links and the live website link as well, we would appreciate it. You might as well start considering talking to webflow support

I went ahead and reached out to the Support Team, still waiting to hear.

Here’s the read only link - Webflow - ekos_

These are the URLs not working -


Any insight is greatly appreciated!

Well, it seems that the problem is coming from the case studies collection. With the read-only, I have limited power to mess with the website. What I would recommend you to do is to spend some time looking through it and checking specially the slug part:

Got it working. Apparently the ‘turn on’ switch wasn’t linked to anything, so it wasn’t allowing it to publish. Thanks for all the help!

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