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401 error with images not loading

On our webflow site we have a signup process. In the process we have a file upload button. Here users are restricted to uploading images for a profile picture. After the user provides a profile picture we save it to Firebase through custom code.

Next when the user go to the SEARCH page to search for other users, the images show up as broken links. I am displaying the images with custom code by getting the image url from firebase and putting that url as the src in the image tag.

When signed into webflow the images seem to load fine. However any other user seems to get a 401 authentication error.

Here is the read only link to the site:

As well as the regular site to see it from the users end:

Any help is appreciated!

Hi, @Appguru! Thanks so much for posting and welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

I am going to move this post from bugs to the custom code category since this isn’t an issue with Webflow functionality, but most likely an issue with your custom integration.

Using Firebase and integrating with Webflow sounds so awesome! Love the idea!

I know our awesome community will be able to step in and provide you some help!

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