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How to make Firebase work?

Hi, I am trying to do a simple user login on my website with Firebase which would direct them to a profile page but just can’t seems to get it to work. I can’t even get ‘users’ to ‘sign-up’ (it’s not adding entries in the Firebase console). I am using the finidev example: and also the Firebase-quickstart codes: as reference. Has anyone manage to integrate Firebase to their website successfully and if so would you be able to point out if there’re anything wrong with finidev’s codes (apart from the password field) and/or what need to be modified from the quickstart code for it to work? May be I did not install the script components properly?

Hey @OurLocalMarkets

Did you even try looking in the console :smiley: ???
Quick overview:
You have a 403 O_o
You init firebase twice o_O

I’ve thrown together a quick example, here.
Not perfect, but at least its working. I left the files in the build for you to take a look at.
Usually, you would for example throw the config in a config file and serve that. E.g. from GAE if you want to go hardcore.

Have fun.