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3d Perspective not working anymore after latest chrome update

Hello everyone,

Yesterday I had a 3D slider working just fine. And today I woke up and it is not working anymore. Was there some kind of update that broke the thing?

It is usually working. I use this tutorial to build the 3d slider :

Until Yesterday he tutorial was working just fine. It looks like a bug coming from an update or something. Does someone has any answer?

Thank you

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Copy of Portfolio restored

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Hi @taghisouf, thanks for your post. That tutorial is not a tutorial made by Webflow, so I cannot give you exact info on that tutorial availability.

It would help if you can help to share a screenshot of the elements and page where the slider is created.

I would check the interactions and styles in the designer for the affected elements, you can also check from an earlier version in backups, see more here: Save & restore backups | Webflow University

Without being able to see the way it was working before it is hard to say, but when I checked the general page, it seems there is some overflow in the design causing a horizontal scroll with extra whitespace on the page, see here:

If the changes you are looking for are not found in the backups, then you may need to recreate the slider, I am not familiar with that customer created tutorial, so I cannot say how it was working previously or should have been working.


Here is the link for the drive so you can see the probleme: webflow - Google Drive

It seems that the problem is related to google chrom update. I just changed the version to a lowest version and now it works. It also works on Opera.

Thank you for your answer

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Hi @taghisouf, thanks for the good info. I am having a look as well and am working to reproduce the broken perspective behavior in current chrome version and help to get this reported.


As the creator of the video also has posted on their YouTube channel, there is an issue with chrome 93 + with the perspective reported as a chromium bug, the Webflow team is aware of the problem and the issue already with our team and I expect an update to be forthcoming for this.

I do not have the exact timeline of the update, but I will help to share that here when I know an update has been made.

If you wish to view the original bug report for chromium on this issue: 1247884 - chromium - An open-source project to help move the web forward. - Monorail

Also feel free to follow this post regarding the same issue: Changed behavior of perspective(0) in Chrome 93

Thanks for sharing that info :slight_smile:


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Hi @taghisouf, the issue with the 3D perspective should now be fixed.

To have the change enabled on the project, open the site in the designer and then republish the site.

It will be necessary to open the site in the designer for the patch to be applied, if you just publish from the dashboard the fix will not be applied, so open in the designer, then publish.

Let me know in case of any further trouble with that.

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