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3D transform (along z-axis) suddenly stopped working

I’ve created a 3D object in Webflow using a series of planes with different positions along the z-axis. This was working fine up until duplicating my project a few minutes ago. Now both projects and all historical backups (so restoring an old version won’t help) have lost the 3D perspective, so it’s just flat/2D. I changed nothing else, all I did was duplicate the project. 3D perspective still works on other unrelated projects.

Even stranger is that this only happens on Chrome, and only on one computer. The live page still displays normally on my other computer, using the same version of Chrome. I’ve tried rebooting, clearing cache etc.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Hey Mark.

I’m experiencing the same issue. When I open my projects after few days and all 3d transforms are flat. There is no way I can see how to fix this. The issue is I have spent hell a lot of time on these elements and i’m afraid this will happen again. I have searched in forums regarding this and you are the first person I’ve found who is having the same issue. Let me know if you have found any fixes.


Unfortunately I’ve found no fix. I’m pretty sure it’s a bug. The only workaround I’ve found is to use Webflow in a different browser, but obviously that’s not ideal, with Chrome being the most popular.