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3D Hover Interaction Crazy Choppy


I’m just trying to do a very simple 3D hover interaction over a div housing some text, but the outcome is insanely choppy. Every few seconds, it’ll show a new static angle when moving the mouse over. Any clue why it’s so rough?


Here is my public share link: LINK
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No thoughts on this?

Is it just overloading the rendering ability in the browser?

Hi @robertt8

Just went through your preview link. The issue seems to be a very tiny one, tried fixing it and it started working perfectly.

Open your “INTRO-TEXT-HOVER1” interaction, and in the “Mouse Y Actions”, you’ll notice that you have set the X rotation to 0 deg. Just get rid of that and it should become smooth instantly. Try it out and let me know if that works for you like it did for me :smiley:

Screenshot for reference:


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Nailed it @aditya! Thank you!

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