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Image scale hover interaction kinda glitchy

This is my first time using webflow and I’m designing a personal website/portfolio.

I’m trying to do those image scale hover interaction on my photos but every time when I hover over the images in preview page, the interaction looks a little bit glitchy, like its lagging.

Been solving for 3 weeks and I can’t seem to find the solution to it.

Will appreciate any help I can that

Here is my read-only link to get a better understanding of my problem

Hey @zhenhong1011 welcome :webflow_heart:

Hope the attach video will solve your issue :=)

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Wow thank you so much! This solved my issue

But I’m not sure is it just me, whenever I hover over the image, it seems to lose quality and gets pixelated. Does this happened to you when you accessed my read-only link?


You welcome :slight_smile:

I don’t see any quality issues when I hover an image, It is looks great on My side