3D Cube rotational page transition effect

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to come up with a page transition effect that I’ve seen in various pages on the web and I want to emulate within Webflow!

It will end up as a rotational page transition based around a 3D cube, with the current page on the front of the cube (obviously) and switching to the destination page on the right-hand side of the cube. (like in the example here: https://codepen.io/Hiteh/pen/OxjPGZ )

As this is only one of the ideas I have for the transition, I would also like to know just how to make page transitions smoother and more impressive - trying to achieve the effect on the Slavs & Tatars website (BRINE...THE PINEAPPLE ) where the pages come in from the side, but the actual URL changes in relation to this, and the content from other pages is still visible behind the active page - like pieces of paper sprawler over a table under a camera. I love this effect as it is so much more fluid than the static page layout we all know, and I want to know if this is even possible in Webflow!

Thanks for reading, and I hope that someone can help me out.

All the best

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