Page transition from grid to fullscreen, Three.js

Dear Webflow community I found this really amazing three.js animation from CJ Hersh. Grid to Fullscreen Animation guide by CJ Hersh | Flowbase

I tried to implement it on my own portfolio site using his shared project on Weblow.

I got it to work but only on one element and not on the copied ones.

Could somebody make a guess what it could be and how to change it so that every object triggers the same animation. Thanks in advance, I really need your help guys. I need to apply for some open ux/ui position real soon.

Page transition

Hi Snow and welcome to the forum!

I think it’s possible that they all have to be part of the same grid element.

I hope you’ll get that ui/ux position :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Vincent
That was a superfast reply!

For everybody who’s interested, I got it to work. It looks really neat, love it.