301 redirect errors


Hi this website: https://defiancefit.co.uk is working fine for me but why in kproxy does it show that it is going back and forwards between http and https and giving ‘too many redirects error’?



Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Never mind the webflow support chatbot helped me out:

"Setting the www subdomain as the default and then republishing should solve this problem for you! To set this, head over to your projects settings

Click on the hosting tab

Then hover over the www version of your domain and click “Make Default"Once you set the www version of your domain as the default and republish you should no longer see the “Too many redirects” error.”

I’m going to try this now, I had never realised but it also does it to my personal domain https://craigthompson.design - but I’ve never encountered a problem from these redirects but it also showed up in kproxy so I’ve made the same changes there.

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