2016 Design Tools Survey - Webflow Option

Not sure exactly where this should go but Subtraction’s 2016 Design Tools Survey is out …

Webflow is listed as an option for some of the questions so I figured there would be some interest here.

For those who are not familiar with the survey…you can see last year’s results here:



Yes, lets get all those Webflow users to take this survey and hopefully get Webflow more well known to others !! :sunglasses:

Just filled it out. I’m reasonably new to all of this but my vote is definitely for webflow for a lot of it.

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filled it out! :slight_smile:

Great. Filled it out here as well :smiley:

Filled it out, too! Thank you for sharing.

Thanks for sharing @dapitts08!

A reason why you should take the survey:
Webflow chooses to invest heavily in furthering development around pushing the boundaries of what is possible on the web. This means financial investment in areas like engineering and design, as opposed to other shorter term areas like sales and marketing. We rely on users like you to help spread the word about Webflow to help us grow the business. Every vote and recommendation for Webflow goes a long way, and will only ensure our ability to continue making awesome things for this community!


The survey is interesting because there is no question for “What tool do you use to implement your designs?” There is the basic assumption that designers don’t implement their designs. These are the current design categories in the survey:

  • primary tool for brainstorming/ideation
  • primary tool for wireframing
  • primary tool for interface design (Webflow is included here)
  • primary tool for prototyping (Webflow is included here)

Webflow is used for interface design and prototyping but it thrives in the implementation phase of the product process. The development process is an unfamiliar place for most designers so i’m not surprised it’s not included in the survey. That is changing though!


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