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Webflow as tool for web designers

Webflow is mentioned as a tool for web designers :flushed:

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Thank you so much for sharing this tool. But honestly I didn’t try for this kind of tool yet.

I’m just referring to the image in the link. I’ve seen similar images before comparing designers and developer but this is the first time I’ve seen Webflow mentioned as a tool for designers. Webflow is getting bigger :muscle:

Webflow is a Web Design tool (for Designers)… not a Developers tool.

However; some Developers (such as myself) have adapted by adding Designer tools into their mix.

In using Webflow… Developers are crossing over into the Design arena… by adding this tool to their palette / mix.

Photoshop is an Artistic Design tool… a lot of Web Designers have taken and used Photoshop to design websites / UI’s.

Prior to Webflow… I hand-coded everything. That includes screens (UI) which is the most difficult part to create (for Developers… much easier for Designers).

IMO… that’s where paying ( $800 - $900 a year ) for Webflow creates an advantage (for Developers).

For me… I mostly use Webflow as a proto-typing tool. Ultimately… the websites that I design are exported and converted into PHP… which then adds substantially more expandability - such as the incorporation of databases and Angular (which can added without PHP)… to name a couple.

Understandably… the info-graphic isn’t “completely accurate” when defining the roles and tools of the Developer.

But it’s a start.

And Yes… it is interesting that Webflow was in the info-graphic. It does show the product is growing in acceptance.

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